The characteristics of stainless steel slides and safety knowledge

Table of Contents

1. Advantages of stainless steel slide /  stainless steel playground

First of all, considering the material, considering its safety, compared with plastic slides, it has many advantages such as high hardness, wear resistance, and easy maintenance.

Stainless steel slides are divided into half-tube, full-tube, translucent, flat and other styles of slides. When the height is greater than 3 meters, it is recommended to use a higher safety factor, full-bucket or semi-transparent! This makes it safer for children to play!

Applicable places for stainless slides: large shopping malls, communities, kindergartens, scenic spots, villas, parks and many other application scenarios, which will bring good traffic!

The main material of the stainless steel slide is made of 304 stainless steel!  It has the characteristics of strong anti-fouling ability, wear resistance, and not easy to damage. After the basic installation is completed, there is no need for excessive maintenance, as long as the safety inspection is carried out!


Second, the safety knowledge for stainless steel slide 

What may happen when kids play uncarefully or wrongly?

1. Skin abrasions

Scuffing is the most common phenomenon when children play on the slide. Some slides are not very smooth. Wooden slides are prone to cracks or burrs, and stone slides have uneven places and cracks. These factors are likely to cause abrasions to children in the process of sliding down, especially some children are wearing open crotch pants or very thin underwear, and the skin on the surface of the buttocks will be easily damaged when sliding down. In most cases, it is a slight skin abrasion. Injuries, the wound is small, there may be a little bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is not large. Parents only need to clean the wound and provide sufficient comfort. But some children have bleeding from skin wounds, so urgent treatment is needed.

2. Falling from high places

Some slides are relatively high, and children tend to fall without paying attention, and they often fall over their heads when they fall. Because the skulls of infants and young children are not fully developed, they are more likely to suffer head injuries from falls than adults. Once you fall off the slide, mother can’t pick up and lift at will. First, look for the injured area and observe the child’s mental changes, whether there is any situation such as pale, vomiting, lethargy or coma. Whether there is head trauma or local bulge, trunk and limbs with obvious swelling, congestion, bruising and bulge, whether the joints can move freely, and if you encounter a serious accident, you must call an emergency call first. At the same time, different emergency treatments will be done depending on the situation. .

3. Bruise

Roller slides are easy for children to bump their heads during the descent. Deep purple bruises will appear on the skin. In severe bumps, hematoma may occur; if bone bumps occur, swelling symptoms may also occur. Hold the bruised area with the palm of your hand, do not rub it to avoid more serious subcutaneous bleeding. Ice compress can reduce the blood flow of the wound, reduce bleeding, swelling and pain. It takes about 30 minutes to apply ice to the affected area, and change the cold compress as appropriate.

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