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In 1991, the National Minority Sports Games listed “Sliding Swing” as a performance event, and later Hanging Autumn was listed as a competition event. Sliding swing, a folk activity with a history of thousands of years, still maintains strong vitality. It enlivens people’s lives and provides specimens with rich contents for folk workers. The sliding swing is a movement created by the ancient ethnic minorities in northern China. It was introduced to the Central Plains during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC to 476 BC). Because of its simple equipment and easy learning, it was very popular among people and quickly became popular in various places. After the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC), the sliding swing gradually became a folk sports activity carried out on Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals.

After the founding of New China, with the rise of various modern sports, sliding swing sports are still popular in a few areas, and have become a special activity for children in most parts of China. In February 1986, the National Sports Commission formulated the “Sliding Swing Competition Rules” (draft). In the same year, the sliding swing was listed as an official event of the National Minority Sports Games. By the sixth National Minority Games in 1999, the sliding swing had been developed into a larger project that included 6 individual items.

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