How to improve the climbing skills of bouldering climbing wall?

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Climbing the bouldering climbing wall is a full-body exercise, training the size of the hands and feet, muscles are strong and strong, and the whole body movement is more about balanced power and beauty. Fans who often climb bouldering climbing walls often have strong bodies, light movements, and better physical strength than ordinary people. To achieve this effect, you need to constantly improve the climbing skills of the bouldering climbing wall, so how to improve the climbing skills of the bouldering climbing wall? The position of the rock points on the artificial bouldering climbing wall generally does not change, the same climbing action Repeatedly, the climber will practice these movements very skillfully.

Once the climbers have completed these routes, they can periodically change the type and location of the rock points on the route and restart the climbing practice. Avoid single climbing the route you like. Sometimes climbing the route set by others will make you feel unnatural and uncomfortable, often indicating that this is where you need to improve yourself.

Rock climbers should avoid practicing only on artificial rock walls at the same angle. Rock climbers are often afraid of the angles they are good at, and often ignore the rock faces of other angles. Different rock wall angles and shapes have certain requirements for climbing techniques. It is not that the rock wall angle is small, it is not simple, and it is not difficult to hang the rock wall line with a large slope. Rock climbers can adjust the difficulty of the route by changing the type of fulcrum. Thereby improving climbing skills.

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