Bouldering climbing wall develops enterprise cohesion

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Some economic experts once pointed out that the family management of private enterprises makes employees lack the spirit of unity and cooperation, and the cohesion of enterprises is very limited. In particular, enterprise employee training is limited to knowledge-based and skill-based companies. For the time being, the company has not paid enough attention to the shaping of the enterprise spirit and the cohesion of the company. In some developed countries and developed regions of my country, a new employee spirit shaping method is being used, and it has been paid more and more attention by enterprises-bouldering climbing wall training.

Teamwork jumped over a 4-meter board: a dozen of members of a team did not rely on any foreign objects, relying on the overall strength of the team to let all members pass through a 4-meter-high board standing on the grass. The trainer told reporters that this project mainly cultivates the team’s spirit of cooperation and ability to make decisions and implement projects. The trainer told reporters that the outdoor development training program also has a back fall: one player standing back to the back on a 2 meter high platform, and the other players fall back on the ground, and the other players have to catch him on the ground. This project mainly cultivates the team members’ self-challenge and trust in their peers.

The bouldering climbing wall manufacturer said that this novel training model is currently quite successful in China’s coastal areas. It is not only different from the traditional single teaching, but also different from pure outdoor training. The entire training camp uses lectures, exercises, experiences, Sharing is combined. The most distinctive feature of this new training mode is the situation simulation, which is connected by a large number of small games, short stories or business cases, which easily creates an interactive atmosphere. Thus condensing the will and spirit of employees.

A private enterprise owner who organized employees to participate in closed training said that they also attached great importance to employee training before, but they have always focused on the transfer of knowledge and skills, generally in the form of teaching and training, which improves the logical thinking of employees Ability and knowledge reserve will help. However, it was later discovered that it neglected the cultivation of employees’ will and spirit, resulting in the rapid loss of talent and serious individualism. I did not pay attention to the emotional and collaborative spiritual training of employees, so some employees always felt that private enterprises did not “the feeling of home.

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